Treat Your Kitchen to Modern Sophistication

How do you take a beautiful but dated kitchen and make it better?  Besides the obvious, with new appliances and fixtures, Designer David Lanni has turned this into a masterpiece of rich mahogany, marble and daylight to give the room a feeling of sophistication and elegance.

Country Charm

This kitchen may not be designed for country charm but it just gives that warm welcome feeling with the yellow’s and green.  If it was designed with country in mind it was definitely upscale country.

Modern Sophistication

From the skylight and recessed lighting to the granite counter tops this kitchen just reeks of the cosmopolitan sophistication.

Just Dated

An extremely well kept but just a bit dated this beautiful older kitchen.  Unfortunately that happens over the years; it is more obvious by the plumbing fixtures and appliances.

A Complete Personality Change

The new lighting and magnificent white marble counters just give this kitchen an elegance not to be compared.

Are you ready to

Beautiful Dining Area

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