Project II – An Open Modern Floorplan

This elegant 3 room remodel is a transformation of adjoining but separate rooms into what is generally regarded as a Great Room in more modern buildings.  It is more functional, much brighter (of course the new lighting does contribute to that), and it does away with isolating the most popular room in the house.  Now that the kitchen is open to the rest of the house it also benefits from windows on three sides.

The Breakfast Counter

This is where my children like to do their homework and unfortunately at the time it was a little dark

After Renovation More Inviting

It’s funny because now we are all more motivated and cheer-full to enjoy and use this counter space.

The Dark Side Before Renovation

While Mom and/or Dad are preparing dinner the kids like to be with them but now —

After the Remodel What A Difference

Now Mom is not stuck away in the kitchen but is right there with the whole family sharing time together. 

Kitchen Dining Area Before Remodel

What is there to say; that old lighting was dreary

Dinette After The Remodel

Bright and oh such much more roomy!

Family Room Before Renovation

The family room was also dated and it is obvious that the fireplace got a lot of use.

The Newly Updated Family Room is Bright and Cheerful

The New Family Room is not just brighter but with new fireplace and lighting the modern green design is environmentally far less expensive than the old wood burning fireplace. 

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